Dedicated to supporting your health and wellness

Dedicated to supporting your health and wellness

Dedicated to supporting your health and wellnessDedicated to supporting your health and wellnessDedicated to supporting your health and wellness

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Our Practice

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to providing patient-centered holistic health care. We take time to listen to our patients, use modern and ancient diagnostic techniques and therapeutic procedures, scientific research, and natural methods to provide the most appropriate, effective, and least invasive therapies available. We believe in supporting the inherent healing ability of each individual, and take every opportunity to empower patients through education. 

Collaborative Care

We consider the best system of medicine as one that works collaboratively with the focus on helping you achieve your health and wellness goals and improve your quality of life..  We respect your health care choices and work collaboratively with and complimentary to all practitioners with whom you have established a relationship. 


Experience and Professionalism

With decades of experience, our team will assess you and create a custom treatment plan that's right for you. We understand the importance of supporting you in mind, body, and spirit.

About Us


Paul Dompé, ND, BCB

Heidi Holmquist, DAOM, LAC, EAMP

Molly Lukens Dompé, LMT

 Dr. Dompé earned his Bachelor of Science in physiological science from University of California at Los Angeles and his Doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University. He is a board certified biofeedback practitioner through the BCIA (Biofeedback Certification International Alliance). Dr. Dompé takes time to listen to his patients to fully understand all that could be influencing their state of health and wellness.  He specializes in the treatment of stress-related conditions focusing on the clinical application of mind-body medicine. Dr. Dompé is an adjunct faculty member at Bastyr University supervising naturopathic medical students in the clinical application of mind-body medicine. 

 Dr. Dompé commonly works with those experiencing anxiety, panic, PTSD, depression, insomnia, headaches, digestive issues, high blood pressure, and chronic pain.  


Molly Lukens Dompé, LMT

Heidi Holmquist, DAOM, LAC, EAMP

Molly Lukens Dompé, LMT


Molly has been practicing massage therapy since 1995. She received her undergraduate degree in humanities from the University of Oregon and is a graduate of the Brian Utting School of Massage in Seattle. Molly also received her training as a Doula (a childbirth assistant) at the Seattle Midwifery School in 2000.  Molly uses a variety of therapeutic techniques including Swedish, deep tissue and injury treatment massage, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation and reflexology. Molly also enjoys pregnancy massage and uses a special prenatal massage table to provide maximum comfort for expecting mothers. She approaches her massage practice with a holistic perspective and customizes her treatments to meet each individual’s needs.


Heidi Holmquist, DAOM, LAC, EAMP

Heidi Holmquist, DAOM, LAC, EAMP

Heidi Holmquist, DAOM, LAC, EAMP

 Dr. Holmquist earned her M.S. from the American College of Traditional Chinese
 Medicine (ACTCM) in San Francisco and holds a B.A. in Environmental
 Studies from the University of Washington. She received clinical training
 at the ACTCM Auricular & Community Clinic, California Pacific Medical
 Center and Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic. In 2010, Heidi completed an internship at the Shanghai University of TCM with clinical rounds at the prestigious Yue Yang Integrated Hospital in Shanghai, China. Additionally, she apprenticed with orthopedic and sports medicine TCM specialists.
In 2018, Dr. Holmquist completed a doctorate degree at Bastyr University in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine with a focus on the treatment and management of pain. The clinical hours for this degree were done with several medical practitioners using varying approaches to the treatment of pain and the associated symptoms.

Our Services

What to Expect

Appointment with Dr. Dompé:

 Initial Visit

The initial visit is 60-75 minutes in duration and includes orientation, intake, and assessment to help determine the course of care and training. 

Follow up Visits

 Follow-up sessions are 60 minutes in duration, occur weekly (x 8-12 weeks but can vary), and may include the use of  biofeedback to cultivate awareness and learn functional respiration, or may focus on counseling.  Subsequent visits are 60 minutes in duration and include a review of practices and progress, continued training reinforcing concepts and practices learned, the introduction of new ones, or the visit may focus on counseling.  One of my goals is that each patient leaves with a tool bag of skills (inner resourcing) that does not depend on me or biofeedback equipment.  Once a patient is competent and goals are met, I recommend follow-up visits every 2-4 weeks to ensure skills and progress is maintained.   

Insurance Coverage

Most health insurance plans cover Dr. Dompé's services under naturopathic care.  Please contact your insurance company to verify coverage.  

Dr. Dompé is contracted with the following insurance companies:

Regence, Premera, Aetna, Firstchoice, 

Dr. Dompé offers a reduced time of service fee for those paying out of pocket and a sliding scale for those who qualify.

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